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Patients who are taking multiple medications can now be assured that they have the best possible medication record and are getting the best out of their medications with our Marchese Meds Checkpharmacist counselling program.

Our pharmacists will conduct confidential, face-to-face consultations and review the medications you are taking. They can identify any medication-related issues, such as drug interactions and side effects, and recommend changes to your care. They then create a patient information sheet and physician communication to help you optimize your treatment outcomes. It also creates follow-up messages, ensuring ongoing communication between you, your pharmacist and doctor.

Marchese Meds Check is part of the Province of Ontario’s Meds Check program. It is a free service for any Ontarian taking three or more medications. Contact Marchese Health Care for more information.

Pharmacist medication counselling

As part of our ongoing service to our community pharmacy clients, we ensure that you are provided with the best advice on how to maximize the potential of your medication therapies. Yet, we go beyond dispensing. Our pharmacists and expert pharmacy technicians help patients achieve healthy lifestyle goals through ongoing consultation and innovative health and wellness programs.

Marchese Health Care is an independent community-based health care provider dedicated to the delivery of compassionate, client-focused care. We provide a wide variety of medication, supplies and equipment; clinical knowledge; and specialized services to meet your health and wellness needs.

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