Specialty Compounding

Do you or a family member have problems ingesting your medications due to allergies or illness?

Marchese Health Care can help.

In consultation with your doctor, we can alter many medications dosages or formulations to better suit a patient’s needs. We can alter medications into formulations such as lozenges, topical creams, balms, rapid-dissolve tablets and suppositories with a goal of lessening the difficulty of taking medications.

Our compounding specialists are trained by the Professional Compounding Centers of America, an organization dedicated to meeting the unique health-care needs of patients.

Common applications

  • Altering the dosage form of a medication
  • Removing flavours, dyes and fillers
  • Making medications more palatable with a choice of more than 100 flavours
  • Preparing the exact strength required for a patient

Talk to our pharmacist or compounding technician to find out what we can do to help you.


Marchese Pharmacy observes the Ontario College of Pharmacists Code of Ethics, which is founded on the core ethical principles of healthcare:

  1. beneficence: (do good)
  2. non-maleficence: (do no harm)
  3. respect for persons/justice: (offer best possible information/care, don’t discriminate, respect individuals’ autonomy = right to decide for themselves, etc.)
  4. accountability (fidelity): (responsibility for the actions we take, advice/care we provide)
  • At this time in Canada, ivermectin use in humans is only officially indicated for antiparasitic infections (intestinal strongyloidiasis and onchocerciasis).  Any other use, outside of clinical trials, is not recommended.
  • Numerous studies have been conducted indicating that ivermectin has antiviral properties, and may be of benefit in COVID-19 prophylaxis and early treatment.  This has led to many people wishing to consider treatment.
  • However, science-based analysis of these studies has concluded that, despite the apparent benefits, the supporting evidence is of generally low quality
  • There is a real-time meta-analysis that keeps track of these studies (but is also subject to the same low quality evidence criticisms)
  • Achieving safe and effective antiviral serum levels from oral dosage forms of ivermectin is particularly challenging, thus the need for more research.
  • Absorption and bioavailability (and hence, efficacy and safety) are affected by several factors, including dosage form/route of administration, formulation, gut condition (if taken orally), and pharmacogenetics, to name a few.
  • Ivermectin is generally considered to be very safe at dosages commonly prescribed for indicated use(s) (approx. 200mcg/kg).
  • Many studies have demonstrated an even wider safety margin for ivermectin.  However, serious adverse events are possible, some of which may be related to genetics, and must be considered (especially neurological).
  • Ivermectin for human use is available commercially (Stromectol™ – Merck Canada Inc.), and from some compounding pharmacies
  • Ivermectin that is manufactured for veterinary use should NEVER be used in humans

Patients can take comfort in ivermectin’s safety profile, but must also consider evidence for its effectiveness, which is currently of low quality.  Cost must also be considered, which can be significant as ivermectin is not commercially available for “off-label” human use in Canada.  It must be custom-made by a compounding pharmacy.

Our strong recommendation is that ivermectin must not be considered a substitute for the many highly effective vaccines that are now widely available.  Maximum public vaccination is our best hope for emergence from the pandemic.  Ivermectin is also not a substitute for social measures, masking, distancing, hygiene, etc.

Furthermore, for those infected with COVID-19, ivermectin should not replace standard of care treatments/medical management, which may include e.g. corticosteroids, anticoagulants, etc.  We continue to support early and aggressive medical management with appropriate medications and other supportive measures, tailored to the individual.

For those who cannot receive one of the many vaccines for any reason, those with COVID-19 infection that are concerned whether they are receiving the standard of care, or those seeking options in addition to standard of care, consultation with a licensed Canadian health professional is highly recommended.  Participation in clinical trials for ivermectin may be an option for these individuals, which also contributes to the greater good of society.  Ultimately, we respect individuals’ rights to decide for themselves based on the best information available.  Contact Us for more details.

Marchese Health Care is an independent community-based health care provider dedicated to the delivery of compassionate, client-focused care. We provide a wide variety of medication, supplies and equipment; clinical knowledge; and specialized services to meet your health and wellness needs.

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Faisal Khawaja, RPh

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Ontario College of Pharmacists Accreditation Number: 6023

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